“From my past experiences with many clients in the field of hypnotherapy, it became clear to me: The most emotional and physical problems result from not being able to relax. Therefore I also focus my attention on preventative hypnosis, before therapy becomes necessary.

 Positive effects on mental level:
  • resolving stress and tension
  • positive effects on sleep patterns
  • temporary disengagement from the cares of everyday life
  • you feel “easily going”
  • enjoying the mental break
  • you are gathering new strength to cope with everyday life
  • you feel “reborn” after this hypnosis
  • you are focusing mainly on your very own needs
  • positive mental attitude
  • above all: perception of time slows down (decrease of stress level)

Positive effects on physical level:

  • positive changes or relieve psychosomatic complaints as a possible consequence of stress and imbalance
  • reducing heart rate and blood pressure
  • decrease in muscle tension
  • calming your breathing, shifting from breast to belly breathing
  • decrease of stress hormone levels
  • favorable changes in blood composition
  • positive change of processing information in the brain
  • decrease in sweat production